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Camp Huronda’s family camps are for children living with type 1 diabetes, along with their parents, siblings and caregivers. These camps provide families with opportunities to learn more about type 1 diabetes in a positive and supportive environment, where they can also share knowledge and experiences, network and build relationships with other families going through similar challenges.
Family camp brings people together in a way that just doesn’t happen in any other setting. Family camp is a fantastic introduction or connection to the D-Camps experience. You and your family will get the opportunity to take part in camp programming in a community of people who understand the day-to-day challenges of living with type 1 diabetes.

Camp Huronda Alumni  Camp: Alumni camp is designed to invite back our friends to camp to share in a weekend of fun activities and reminiscing of "the good ol' days". Camp Huronda Alumni  Camp is open to former campers and staff who are no longer employed at Camp Huronda, or are attending any of our current youth programming. Alumni adults with youth living with type 1 are welcome to attend our year round programs as well as alumni family camp. Alumni families who are not living with type 1 themselves or have youth living with type 1 but are part of the rich history of Camp Huronda are more than welcome to attend. All campers under the age of 19 must be accompanied by a legal guardian as this is still a child and youth focused program. Join us as we start the journey of developing a rich Camp Huronda Alumni  camp program. This program is also open to Friends of Camp Huronda who do not have children. 

Join the D-Camps Family!

Family camp is a great fit for you if:
•    You have a recently diagnosed child and are looking to connect with people who understand;
•    You have years of experience and could be a valuable support to others; or,
•    Someone in your family lives with type 1 diabetes and you want to have a fun D-Camps experience!

Camp Huronda’s spring, summer, fall and alumni family camps are located on the shores of Lake Waseosa in Ontario’s beautiful Muskoka area. Camp Huronda occupies 100 acres of land and includes gorgeous waterfront areas, cool forest, and rugged hiking and mountain bike trails. While at Camp Huronda, you’ll enjoy a variety of activities for children and adults from rock climbing, canoeing, to archery and campfires. There will be opportunities throughout the weekend for parents and guardians to spend time connecting with one another through structured workshops and unstructured social time, while the kids are playing and connecting with each other through supervised games and program activities.

Families will be assigned accommodations varying from a rustic cabins with shared washrooms to dormitory style living. Accommodations will be by family. Special requests can be made at the time of registration.

Camp Huronda's winter family camp is operated at YMCA Camp Pine Crest, located about 30 minutes northeast of Gravenhurst, Ont. Camp Pine Crest boasts 650 acres of land located on beautiful Gullwing Lake. During the fall months, Camp Pine Crest operates out of their fully winterized facilities. With an extensive property which includes ice rinks, backcountry snowshoeing, high ropes and a broom ball rink, Camp Pine Crest certainly has something to offer every family camper.

Families will sleep in lodge-style winterized cabins. Each family will occupy one or two rooms in a lodge of eight rooms. Fall lodges are completed with two large bathroom and shower facilities that will be shared, in addition a common room and porch space. The lodges are heated with flush toilets and hot showers. Please be sure to bring bedding as well as indoor shoes!

Where are we?

Camp Huronda’s spring, summer, fall and alumni camps are located on the shores of Lake Waseosa in Ontario’s beautiful Muskoka area. 

Camp Huronda is located at:
1252 South Waseosa Lake Rd. 
Huntsville, ON
P1H 2N4.

Camp Huronda's winter family camp is operated at YMCA Camp Pine Crest, located about 30 minutes northeast of Gravenhurst, Ontario.

Camp Pine Crest is located at:
1090 Gullwing Lake Rd.
Torrance, ON
P0C 1M0


Parents and guardians are responsible for the supervision of their children while at camp. However, supervision will be provided during scheduled program activities. Parents and guardians are also responsible for their children’s medical and dietary care, including their child’s diabetes management, the dispensing of medication(s) and monitoring of personal supplies. Medical staff/personnel are on site to facilitate programming and to act as source of support for any consultation. Medical staff on site include a Registered Nurse and a Registered Dietitian.

Alumni Camp: Their will be no medical staff on site for the duration of this program. 

Our Activities

Youth Activities

All of the camp activities will be open to families during family camp! Facilitated by skill-specific staff, the program team will engage families in age-appropriate activities.
A full schedule of activities including theme days will be available prior to the start of family camp.

Winter-only activities include:
  • Cross-country skiing
  • Snowshoeing
  • Broom ball
  • Tubing
  • Ice skating

Adult Activities

Adults, parents and guardians will have the opportunity to meet and connect with each other in various sessions throughout the weekend. These sessions, which include discussion groups and team-building activities, are often led by adults living with type 1 diabetes, the medical team and leaders from the type 1 diabetes community. These sessions are often seen as the highlight of the weekend. They provide opportunities for caregivers to discuss life with type 1 diabetes in a caring and supportive environment with an understanding group of peers.


Family Activities

There will be a number of all-camp programs planned throughout the weekend that the whole family can participate in together. These fun events are a great opportunity for the whole family to spend time together and feel like they are on a holiday.

2018 Family Camp Information Guides
Huronda Family Camps 2018 Dates and Rates
Diabetes Canada offers subsidies to families who qualify for financial assistance.  These subsidies are made possible through the generous support of various donors.  

It is our responsibility to ensure that donations go to support families experiencing financial hardship that would make attending camp impossible. 

To determine eligibility for a subsidy, you will be asked to complete a financial assistance application. When reviewing applications, income will not be the only consideration in whether an applicant qualifies for subsidy.  Our goal is to ensure that all campers have an opportunity regardless of their financial situation while using donations as prudently as possible.  

Who is eligible for financial support?  
You may be eligible for a subsidy if you:  
  1. Receive financial assistance from an identified government program, OR 
  1. Experience financial hardship and do not receive government financial assistance. 

What does financial hardship mean? 
Financial hardship means that a person has difficulty paying for basic daily living expenses (e.g. food, shelter, clothing), and does not have access to savings or other financial resources.   

Note: Supporting documents will be required to determine eligibility.  Please be prepared to provide a copy of your paystub, T4 or Notice of Assessment to accompany your application. 
Important to Note: 
To ensure that we are providing equitable access to financial assistance we will not be able to consider you request until you have completed the financial assistance application form in full. This includes the requested supporting documents.  

Winter Family Camp (Torrance, ON)

Friday, March 1 - Sunday, March 3, 2019

Spring Family Camp (Huntsville, ON)

Friday, June 21 - Sunday, June 23, 2019

Alumni Camp Weekend (Huntsville, ON)

Friday, May 31 - Sunday, June 2, 2019

Summer Family Camp (Huntsville, ON)

Monday, August 26 - Thursday, August 29, 2019

Fall Family Camp (Huntsville, ON)

Friday, September 13 - Sunday, September 15, 2019

Adult: $250
Youth (ages 4-18): $175
Child (ages 3 & under): FREE

Adult: $250
Youth (ages 4-18): $175
Child (ages 3 & under): FREE

Adult: $350
Youth (ages 4-18): $250
Child (ages 3 & under): FREE
Adult: $250
Youth (ages 4-18): $175

Child (ages 3 & under): FREE